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Пульт управления по ИК для EXT-TV-MFS
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3 555,00 руб.

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Infrared Remote Control for the TV Multi Format Switcher (EXT-TV-MFS)

The Gefen EXT-RMT-MFS IR Remote Control allows effortless selection of any one of the ten input sources to be displayed on the connected display device. The remote may be operated up to 30 feet away from the Switcher.

How It Works

This IR remote control is easy to use. There are ten buttons on the remote, one for each input source. The input source names are printed in large and visible type on the selector buttons. 

To use the IR remote, simply press the button corresponding to the input source that you wish to view on your display. A blue LED will flash momentarily and the chosen source will appear on the display device.

Note:  The EXT-RMT-MFS IR Remote Control and the Gefen unit to be controlled must be in a direct line of sight without objects between them in order to function properly and achieve the 30-foot maximum distance range of operation. 

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